Community Partners

Maine Family Planning works hard to create and strengthen relationships with other agencies, organizations, and leaders in the communities we serve. Collaboration with community partners allows us to better serve the thousands of Mainers who turn to us for expert, confidential, affordable health care.

Some of the ways we work with community partners include:

  • Inviting staff of partnering organizations to present at Maine Family Planning staff meetings
  • Presenting information on the work of Maine Family Planning at staff or board meetings of partnering organizations
  • Giving clinic tours to the staff and/or clients, students, or patients of partnering organizations
  • Co-authoring articles, co-presenting, or co-hosting events that address issues of importance to both agencies
  • Sharing resources, materials, and referral information to help those served by both agencies in order to access the services they need
  • Offering support and resources to help partners provide education to students, patients, and/or clients

Interested in partnering with Maine Family Planning in any of these or other ways? Contact