WIC Nutrition Program

Maine Family Planning's WIC program works to maintain the health of women, infants and children up to age five by providing information on healthy eating and vouchers for healthy foods. 

Our WIC program is open to people living in Hancock and Washington counties, including migrants working in these counties, who are any of the following:

  • Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or had a baby in the last six months.
  • Infants and children up to the age of five, including adopted and foster children.
  • Fathers may apply for their children.

Getting WIC benefits is simple. Call one of our WIC offices to make an appointment. Your first appointment will take about an hour of your time – an hour that can benefit you and your children for the rest of your lives.

Find out if you are eligible for the WIC program by using this prescreening tool.

Maine Family Planning WIC Offices

Maine Family Planning operates three WIC offices:

     43 Union Street   
248 State St. (Mill Mall)
247 Main Street, Suite 2

WIC Resources


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